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Again, thank you and congratulations on making the intelligent decision to invest in the TROUBLE SPOT NUTRITION system! I know that you are going to love what this incredible system can do for correcting your hormonal imbalance and finally losing your trouble spot body fat.

Because you have decided to be an action taker, you now have a one-time opportunity to a VIP upgrade on your order with EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING. This is a completely Done-for-You Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation program with PERSONALIZED support from Bruce and me.

The EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING program gives you the most comprehensive and personalized program available on the web today. You will receive your very own menu plans, recipes and shopping lists making it next to IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL at achieving your exact goal.

With our EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING program we can also accommodate vegetarians as well as those with food allergies that may be contributing to your problem body fat. In addition, you will receive an exercise program based upon your fitness level and goals. This is as close as it gets to having Bruce and I as your personal Nutritionist and Trainer!


Fully Personalized Meal Plan And Shopping List

$250 Value


  • Personalized recipes and menu plans for your exact calorie requirements (making it impossible for you to fail)
  • Personalized shopping lists (no more guessing or wondering what to buy)
  • Personal diet analysis (to keep your diet on track)

If you were to hire me to create a personalized menu plan for you I would charge you a MINIMUM of $250- and this price would possibly be more if you had any health issues (like many people do).

Fully Personalized Exercise Plan

$200 Value


  • Personalized fitness testing (to correct weakness and prevent injuries)
  • Personalized Fitness Program (the right program for your body and goals)
  • Over 600 Exercise Video Demo’s (for best results and prevent injury)

If you were to hire Bruce to create a personalized workout plan for you he would charge you a MINIMUM of $200- and this price would possibly be more if you had any physical limitations.

Fully Personalized Supplement Recommendations

$50 Value


  • Personalized supplement recommendations according to your goal (we don’t sell supplements so you will get a true, unbiased opinion on what supplements you need-and which ones you don’t).

Fully Personalized Goal Setting Plan

$25 Value


  • Personalized Goal Setting Plan (to keep you focused and on track)
  • Personalized Personality Profile (discover what fitness “type” you are)
  • Personalized Success habits (these are what you must have in order to be successful long term)

Everything you need to be successful- for life

With EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING you’ll get all the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to be successful over the long term. This program will accelerate your results and ensure your success- for life. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step and day-by-day. No thinking or planning required -- NOTHING is left out.

The EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING has a real value totally a whopping $525.

But again, because your success is our number one priority and we want to make sure nothing is left out over the course of your trouble spot transformation, we’re offering you the complete EBODI PERSONALIZED COACHING program valued at $525 for a measly $15. That's 80% off normal retail price, which is peanuts compared to the value you’ll get.

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