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First of all THANK YOU and congratulations on making the intelligent decision to invest in the Trouble Spot Nutrition system! I know that you are going to love what this incredible system can do to balance your hormones, strip away your stubborn trouble spot fat and get you the body you desire.

Because you have decided to be an action taker, you now have a one-time opportunity to a VIP upgrade on your order with the Trouble Spot Nutrition Recipe Accelerator Pack. This is a completely Done-for-You Meal Plan Blueprint and provides you with over 100 delicious HORMONE BALANCING, fat burning recipes for all of your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meals.

No bland and boring diet foods here. Instead you'll have access to quick and convenient recipes to give you the variety and flexibility you need to stay on track. Best of all the Trouble Spot Nutrition Recipe Accelerator Pack is "nutritionist approved" and all recipes were created under the close supervision of a certified nutritionist.

I have created quick and easy directions on how to prepare the ideal Power Breakfasts, Quick and Tasty Lunches, Mouth Watering Dinners, Fat Burning Salads, and even On-The-Go Fat Burning Snacks.

Listen, these recipes taste fantastic and once you sample just few of these recipes you'll finally look forward to healthy eating instead of dreading it.

In addition, you will also receive my Fat Burning Desserts Guide that includes mouth watering, delicious treats that support healthy hormone balance and metabolism – all of this while simultaneously saving you an extra $184.

The Trouble Spot Nutrition (TSN) Recipe

Accelerator Pack Includes:

Component #1: TSN "Anytime Meals" Recipe Guide

$47 Value

This is your quintessential guide for what to eat before your workouts and on the days that you don’t exercise (or go on holidays). Hormone balancing nutrition is THE cornerstone to your trouble spot fat loss success and this guide is going to be your new best friend. Inside you will discover;

  • Anytime breakfast recipes
  • Anytime Lunches
  • Anytime Dinners
  • Anytime snacks (just in case you need something healthy to munch on)
  • Anytime shake recipes (perfect for when you are pressed for time and can’t prepare a whole food meal)

All of these recipes are laid out for you in a simple, easy to understand format. These recipes are GUARANTEED to taste fantastic while at the same time giving your body the ideal nutrients it needs for you to perform at the highest level and transform your problem trouble spots.

Component #2: TSN "Post Workout" Recipe Guide

$47 Value

This guide contains the healthiest, best tasting recipes designed to optimize recovery and refuel your muscles! Your body tolerates carbohydrates best when consumed after an effective workout and as your nutritionist I have designed these meals to be the PERFECT meals to consume at that crucial time. The best part is they taste fantastic (giving you something to look forward to when your workout is over). Inside this guide you will find the ideal;

  • Post workout breakfast recipes
  • Post workout lunches
  • Post workout dinners
  • Post workout snacks
  • Post workout shake recipes (something I highly recommend using if you want to get the best results possible from each exercise session).

Just like the pre workout recipes, the post workout recipes are laid out for you in a simple, easy to understand format. These recipes are GUARANTEED to taste fantastic while at the same time giving your body the ideal nutrients it needs for you to recover from every exercise session, refill your bodies muscle glycogen stores and prevent hormones like leptin from crashing.

If you were to hire Bruce to create a personalized workout plan for you he would charge you a MINIMUM of $200 - and this price would possibly be more if you had any physical limitations.

Component #3: TSN Healthy Fat Burning Dessert Guide

$27 Value

You could lose your trouble spots following a strict diet, but chances are you’ll gain it all back (and more).

Bruce and I LOVE our desserts and we find that when we indulge in delicious desserts (like those in this guide) we have an easier time losing our trouble spots and keeping them off - and you will too.

In this guide we have included the very best, most mouth-watering desserts you could ever find PLUS they are ALL gluten free, soy free and dairy free!

These include yummy recipes such as;

  • Chocolate Raspberry Muffins
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Apple Cinnamon Doughnut Holes
  • Hazel Nut Torte
  • Plus many more!

Component #4: A One-on-One Email Consultation Directly With Me...

$250 Value

I made sure to save the best for last on this one. Not only are you going to get all the completely "Done For You" tools provided above.

If you have any questions about Trouble Spot Nutrition after going through the program materials, you'll have the opportunity to get them all answered directly by me and Bruce (not by my assistant or my team, but by a real Certified Nutritionist and professional personal trainer) via a personal one-on-one email consultation.

As I said, I am a new mom of twins so my time is VERY LIMITED. This is easily the most valuable bonus I could ever offer, so I've decided to include it in this package ONLY.

Plus There Is ONE MORE Extremely Valuable Bonus...

Component #5: Perfect Body Blueprint

Look Your Best In 7 Days Flat With The Secret Method Fitness Models And Actors Use To "PEAK" On Demand!

$25 Value

Have you ever wondered how super star actors and swim suit models can look so fantastic for a movie or photo shoot?

Make no mistake- this doesn’t happen by accident.

The truth is achieving your "perfect body" conditioning is a PROCESS and something that you plan for- it doesn’t happen by accident.

But wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could create this look on demand?

Of course it would. In fact, this would be the ideal knowledge to have especially if you are planning to attend a special event such as a wedding, reunion or photo shoot.

Imagine- being able to look like you have melted away pounds of ugly fat over night (or appear as if you have gained 5 pounds of strategic muscle).

This is what "peaking" is all about- tweaking your food and water intake to look your absolute best whenever you need to most.

This is exactly what I show you how to do in my "Perfect Body Blueprint" course. This is a day-by-day, step-by-step guide to timing your best body possible. This is the PERFECT companion book to the Trouble Spot Nutrition program and something you will use time and time again.

Everything you need to be successful - for life

With the Trouble Spot Nutrition Recipe Accelerator Pack you'll get the exact food combinations you need to accelerate your results and ensure your success- for life. This program teaches you how to time your nutrients correctly and will make it easy for you to get the results you want and maintain them over the long term.

Everything is laid out for you meal by meal - day by day. No thinking or planning required -- NOTHING is left out.

This Done-for-You Accelerator Pack has a real value totalling a whopping $371.

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